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Stephanie Topping

I am a proud mother to three young children, two of which are rockstar mucker graduates of Miracle Farm Speech Therapy, and one current rockstar mucker.  We joined the Miracle Farm Speech Therapy family  in 2013 when my oldest was diagnosed with apraxia of speech and the folks at Children’s Hospital in Boston pointed me in the direction of Joanne Hanson.  In the time since we joined the MFST family, it has been wonderful watching MFST expand into the Rowley office location as well as partner with other fantastic pediatric resources in the area. As a parent and MFST client, I can very candidly say that I was incredibly overwhelmed and not clear as to where to turn when my first born presented with significant speech and language challenges.  Joanne and her therapists were nothing short of a miracle as they made their sessions so amazingly fun AND effective at the same time.  I am a “mucker” at heart and believe in MFST’s philosophy so much so that I recently joined MFST as a business manager.  Prior to MFST, I received my B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Tufts University.  I spent 3 years working in construction litigation, followed by more than a decade in higher education as an institutional researcher.  I look forward to working with the MFST team and supporting families in their individual journeys!