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Recommended Reading

There is a wide range of printed an online publications for you to turn to based on what your child’s specific needs are. Here are a few, which I think provide useful information and engaging easy-to-implement strategies.

Lip Prints

Authored by MFSP’s founder, Joanne Hanson, Lip Prints is second an innovative series of books which were created for those treating children up to age five with oral-motor, feeding, swallowing, and articulation problems. This resource was designed to provide articles and activities that both professionals, as well as parents and caregivers can easily follow. Lip Prints incorporates the principles of child-centered, play-based and relationship-based therapy, making the activities effective as well as fun and interactive. This engaging book, which is a useful tool for intervention, provides a basic overview of the categories of speech, oral-motor, and feeding skills, and covers a wide range of topics including “Babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,” “Transitioning to Good Utensils,” and “Low Muscle Tone.” Available from ProEd, Inc.

The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz
The Out of Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Stock Kranowitz
Engaging Autism by Stanley Greenspan
The Child with Special Needs by Stanley Greenspan
Engaging Autism by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder
Envisioning a Bright Future by Patricia Lemer
Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment by Diane Chapman-Bahr
Out of the Mouth of Babes by Sheila Frick and Patricia Oetter
Feeding and Nutrition for the Child with Special Needs by Klein and Delaney
Nobody Ever Told Me (or my mother) That! Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development by Diane Chapman-Bahr
Becoming Verbal with Childhood Apraxia by Pam Marshalla