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Useful Resources

With access to so many resources on the Internet, it can become a daunting task to know where to turn for useful information about how to help your child with speech and language related challenges.  Below are a variety of resources, which you may find helpful.

www.icdl.com:  Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders.

www.devdelay.org:  Developmental Delay Resources; Integrating Conventional and Holistic Approaches to Learning and Behavior Problems.

www.therapro.com: Great catalog and online shopping for many therapeutic toys and books.

www.superduperinc.com: Great cards and games to use with kids.

www.talktools.com: Great for oral placement and feeding supplies.

www.jeanctuckerandassociates.com: Information and resources for reading and Essential Work Knowledge Skills.

www.therhythmtree.com: Ryan Judd, Music Therapist is an excellent resource as well as having a wonderful weekly blog.

www.portsmouthneuro.com: Dr. Laura Rubin and Dr. Lauren Cook, child psychologists.