Therapy Services

Direct Individual Speech Therapy Services

Your child can receive treatment for their speech and language needs in one of our three offices, at their preschool, school program, and occasionally within the home.

Group Speech Therapy Services

Peer appropriate social language groups are arranged upon request or after discussing it with your child’s therapist. Often children benefit from more typical and natural communication settings. We offer the sessions with 2-4 children and can also offer group sessions which combine speech therapy and occupational therapy as we partner with talented OT’s.

School Services

Our staff is often available to assist in filling a need for services within a school program. We have an excellent track record of working as partners with schools to provide the highest quality of therapy possible. We have the staff and resources to fill in for maternity leave, medical leave, and for ESY programs. References for such work can be furnished.


Miracle Farm Speech Therapy offers speech and language screenings at local day-cares and preschools. Please give us a call if you would like to organize a screening at your school!

Camp Runamuck

Our fun and creative summer camp is offered at Joanne Hanson’s home and small farm. Please click on CAMP RUNAMUCK for more information.