Fun Halloween Activities

Halloween Obstacle Course:

Set up some props such as a witch hat, a pumpkin, a bucket, a plastic spider, and a mask. Spread them around a room or out around the yard. Ask your child/student if they would like an easy, medium, or challenge direction. You can proceed to give them 1, 2, or 3 step directions in an “obstacle course” format. You can alter the language and vocabulary to meet the age level of the child and to challenge them to listen and process the words. For example, “First put the pumpkin in the bucket, then balance the spider on your head while you walk over and give me a high-5”. You can also mix up this activity by having the student give YOU directions in return. This activity works on listening, auditory memory, vocabulary, and processing. Children work on these skills while having fun!
Halloween Costumes for Discussion and Sorting:

Cut out a bunch of costume pictures from various catalogs. I have laminated mine over the years so that they last. You can then go through them with your child/student and talk about the PARTS of the costumes, and you can also SORT the pictures into categories. There can be piles for scary, silly, pretty, etc. You will be surprised at the conversation this activity can spark. Beware- it may also spark some creative ideas for costumes!!
Favorite Halloween Stories:

I have a number of Halloween stories that I like to use with my clients and have them act it out with props. My three favorites are; “Room on the Broom”, “Big Pumpkin”, and “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything”. You can easily pull together props for these books and have your child repeat back lines from the characters or “act out” some of the actions. There are many ways to incorporate sensory input while you act out these great stories. This activity is great for sequencing, comprehension, and memory. It also builds literacy skills and rhyming.