Sensory Friendly Events

It seems recently there has been an explosion of events being marketed as “sensory friendly” and it couldn’t make us more proud. These events allow all families to be able to enjoy locations and events that may not have always been an option. It also in turn, promotes positivity towards the companies who go out of their way to support families: a win-win! The following are a few of the events we have heard about and have had families participate in and given positive feedback.

  1. Holiday Meet and Greets!

Simon malls regularly schedule events throughout all of their malls nationwide including sensory friendly movies and other special events that target family’s comfortability, however, our favorite is the “Caring Bunny” and “Caring Santa”. These events include scheduled appointments to visit with the Easter Bunny and Santa during non-mall hours in an environment geared towards children with autism or other special needs. Children have the opportunity to meet with their favorite holiday characters in a quiet, low-light and one-on-one setting with a photo memory to take home.

  1. Dover Childrens Museum “Exploring Our Way”

On the first Sunday of every month, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire offers free admission to families raising children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. These events are supported by trained staff in a sensory friendly environment and allows parents and children time to interact with the different exhibits. If you haven’t been there before the Museum is an amazing interactive experience from digging for dinosaur fossils to “build your own flyer”, there is something for everyone.

  1. Chunky’s “Lights up, Sounds down”

Chunky’s Cinema and Pub offers monthly events of newly released movies in a sensory friendly environment for children with autism or other special needs. If you haven’t been, Chunky’s is a movie theatre that serves food and drinks: and it’s awesome! At these events, audience members are able to walk around, dance or even sing. This gives families that wouldn’t have had the opportunity before, the option to see movies before they come out just like everyone else, while also enjoying great food! Locations include Haverhill, MA, and 3 locations in NH: Pelham, Nashua and Manchester.

  1. Chuck E Cheese Sensory Sensitive Sundays

These recently released events include monthly times for families to visit before their regularly scheduled opening. Along with less crowds and dimmed lighting, the music and animatronic show are turned off during this time with limited appearances by Chuck E.

  1. Lego Land

LegoLands all over the US are now offering sensory friendly days for individuals with Autism and their families. They reduce lights and sounds, offer areas of quiet space as well as holding events like music therapy sessions throughout the day! They also have created and offered free download of social stories on their website to help child understand what to expect and to get the most out of the experience.

  1. Wings for Autism

Boston Logan International Airport is one of only 15 airports offering this program. The program provides families with the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtain boarding passes, go through security and board a plane. It is specifically geared towards families of children with ASD and is a great way for families to “practice” before they take their first flight!

  1. Camp Runamuck!

Camp Runamuck is Miracle Farm’s own summer camp that allows all kiddos to be campers! Our camp focuses on kids who have difficulties with social language, communication skills, sensory integration difficulties, and other learning disabilities. Themes are a big part of each day at Camp Runamuck and have included: Superhero Day, Rockstar Day, and Pirate Day. Visit our website to learn more!