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Sensory Friendly Events

It seems recently there has been an explosion of events being marketed as “sensory friendly” and it couldn’t make us more proud. These events allow all families to be able to enjoy locations and events that may not have always been an option. It also in turn, promotes positivity towards

Fall Lecture Series, 2018

Miracle Farm Speech Therapy, LLC will be offering the following lectures at our office locations this fall. These lecture series have been a great resource for preschool and elementary school teachers as well as therapists and parents. The cost for each lecture is $10 per person and you can pay

“That thing”, “The stuff”, “Um”, “That place”, “You know….” Word Retrieval Difficulties in Children

There’s not always an obvious medical cause for word-finding problems. For children with a history of traumatic brain injury or a diagnosis of ADHD, word-retrieval difficulties are common. Sometimes we see word-finding problems in children with language disorders, problems with speech fluency (or stuttering) and learning issues like dyslexia. We also see